Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry leading Security Services Provider that offers integrated, intelligence-driven safety and security solutions through an advanced risk mitigation approach.


Our wide range of products and services transform traditional security services into intelligence-driven operations that add value for our customers.


Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry-leading Security Services Provider which offers intelligence-driven security solutions through an integrated risk reducing approach.



Restaurants, conferences, accommodation, entertainment, and sports facilities.


While Level-3 lockdown has opened large parts of the economy and educational facilities, these
still have limits on how they operate, such as being restricted to only 50 people at a time, or
requiring strict screening processes.


How do we create business continuity while ensuring that we maintain a safe and healthy environment for the employees and customers we are responsible for?

Although we look forward to after lockdown, we need be cognizant of the fact that continual screening and detection must remain to ensure prevention and transmission of the virus. With technology playing a progressively important role in early detection of health and safety risks, you need a reliable strategic partner that understands the unique needs of your business and who offers a highly effective screening product.

Thorburn has deployedsystems in the mines, we have skills, training and knowledge of everything from the implementation to the commissioning of the system.


Thorburn Security Solutions’ Early Thermographic Fever Screening System offers a highly advanced and accurate detection response to isolate and remove suspected carriers of the virus.

  • Features extremely high accuracy by combining latest technology with artificial and software-based algorithms to ensure the body part with the highest temperature (the head) is measured and that no surrounding factors affect this reading.
  • Advantage of early detection is when employees, drivers, customers and contractors entering a facility are allowed on site, it is able to DETECT and IDENTIFY suspected carriers of the virus, leading to proactive steps to ISOLATE and TREAT the affected person.
  • Reduces the risk of transmissions and thereby reducing the possible strain on resources and the impact on revenue and job losses.

Facial fever screening unit

Detects the real-time temperature and displays it
on the screen:

  • Can be integrated to existing access control systems
  • 5-7 seconds screening time per person
  • 100,000 event capacity on the unit locally
  • Temperature reading ranges from 30 °C to 45 °C

Key features:

Multiple authentication modes are available: card and temperature, face and temperature, card, face and temperature, etc.

Vanadium Oxide uncooled sensor:

  • 7’’ LCD display integrates with existing access control
  • Face capacity 50 000
  • Thermometry D:S = 150:1
  • Facial recognition range 0.1 – 0.5 m

Multiple fever screening

Thorburn Security Solutions has implemented its Multiple Fever Screening Solution at one of KwaZulu-Natal’s flagship hospitals where high volumes of people need to be accurately screened, and affected people must be isolated and tested and, if needed, quarantined and treated.

Key benefits

  • Remote monitor station
  • Entry points of screening alerts of raised fever = 37.5 °C
  • Risk reduction (cross contamination)
  • Scalable and upgradable system to 16 cameras
  • Accurate and precise readings (0.3 °C accurate with blackbody calibrator)
  • Automatic alerts
  • Controlled escalation process (alerts can automatically set off a siren/strobe)
  • 3-Year warranty on products
  • 1-Year warranty on installation
  • Implementation of these systems will allow for a holistic view of employee’s current fever conditions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Business continuity
  • Health & Safety permanent fever detection system

Fixed thermal solution

This solution integrates the information from a number of systems into a central control point. Its effectiveness as a screening tool lies in its ability to correlate the temperature of the external skin surface with the core body temperature, thereby allowing fast and efficient identification of an individual’s fever symptoms.

Key features:

  • Accurate crowd screening
  • Alarm sounds to alert security staff when an individual’s skin temperature is higher than a predefined level, allowing that person to be isolated and tested.
  • Thermal and optical images of suspected fever carriers can be automatically stored
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Scanning and screening

  • Facial recognition or fever screening readers alert for raised fever = 37.5 °C
  • Handheld fever screening units deployed at entrance gates
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  • Identify the affected individual
  • Usher into sub quarantine zone to advise on process implementation from identification
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Isolation and mitigation

  • Isolate the affected person from the area
  • No entry allowed in the facility
  • Inform first respondent in the Health & Safety team
  • Inform management

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