Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry leading Security Services Provider that offers integrated, intelligence-driven safety and security solutions through an advanced risk mitigation approach.


Our wide range of products and services transform traditional security services into intelligence-driven operations that add value for our customers.


Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry-leading Security Services Provider which offers intelligence-driven security solutions through an integrated risk reducing approach.


Aerial Surveillance and Response Solution – Thorburn Security Solutions

Aerial Surveillance and Response Solution |
Holistic service offering. Tailored solution. Expert delivery.

Securing large, remote areas – effortlessly.

The risk environment is continuously evolving with criminals adopting ever-more sophisticated means to access properties and assets. At Thorburn Security Services we stay one step ahead by employing innovative new products and services to drive down the crime rate through proactive risk mitigation. We introduce Thorburn’s Aerial Surveillance and Response Solution, which offers cost-effective, compliant drone surveillance for large and remote properties.


South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world, with an ever-advancing criminal network that adapts its tactics to tamper with and work around security systems. Large areas not only require costly perimeter protection but also the means to continuously monitor, maintain and secure them. The capital required to install large networks and camera systems can run into millions of Rands to implement and maintain. In addition:

  • Stolen resources result in loss of revenue.
  • Sabotage of critical plant or infrastructure results in production downtime.
  • Bushy, overgrown areas not only limit access to security officers but decrease visibility when tracking intruders.
  • Armed suspects pose a safety risk to staff and security officers.


Thorburn’s Aerial Surveillance and Response Solution includes remotely operated drones and aircraft with advanced thermal and optical technology for a hawk’s-eye-view of large and remote properties. We provide effortless, large-scale support and an overview of facilities to deter criminal elements from gaining access to premises. Our solution is provided within the framework of the Civil Aviation Authority.

All pilots and crafts are registered and have the required pilot’s license, Air Service License (ASL), and Remote Piloted Aircraft Operator Certificates. All of which makes Thorburn one of only a few service providers that can legally fly in controlled air space at a distance from the operator (beyond the visible line of sight).


  • Air support surveillance 24/7/365Aerial Surveillance Solution
  • Rapid response from our tactical units and guidance from the National Command Centre
  • Perimeter monitoring and patrol
  • Border monitoring and perimeter control
  • Thermal inspections to identify trespassers and intruders
  • Real-time video and location feedback during operations
  • Tracking suspects on the chase


The greatest benefit of aerial surveillance is the peace of mind it offers in knowing that criminals will be detected before a perimeter is breached. To ensure complete protection, Thorburn assesses your facility to establish the key risks and put together an operational plan that tailors drone, physical, electronic, and intelligence services.

The advanced detection and deterrence capabilities of aerial surveillance allow a clear overview for Thorburn’s tactical teams to coordinate the most effective response to intruders – saving time and resources.


  • Responsive to intruder information and alerts
  • Risk reduction and mitigation
  • Surveying and 3D mapping
  • Easier and more effective perimeter patrols at night in tough terrain
  • Aerial surveillance crafts that are an effective deterrent
  • An ever-evolving security system that stays ahead of criminal threats to busines

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