B-BBEE at Thorburn

Our BBBEE Policy Objectives are:

– To create opportunities to increase the number of black people who have ownership and control within Thorburn and its new ventures.
– To increase the number of black people in senior management positions.
– Expanding empowerment to lower level management and supervision.
– To contribute to the creation of wealth for black owned businesses through preferential black empowerment procurement policies.
– To create a learning environment whereby previously disadvantaged staff can be developed through active skills development programs.
– Continuously managing performance and quality standards.
– Corporate Social Investment projects are identified and accompany business development especially in new areas and communities our footprint expands to.
– Maintaining non-discriminative policies.

  1. Thorburn Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd – Level 1
  2. Tsebo Solutions (SA operations) (pty) Ltd – Holding Company – Level 1


In terms of the Ownership and Management of the company, Thorburn wholly owned by the Tsebo Solutions Group (Pty) Ltd, a Level 1 contributor.  SA operations Black owned = 51%, with a Black Female ownership of 44%.

Care for Employees:

Our Value of “Care for Employees” ensures that Thorburn brings the following two B-BBEE elements to life: employment equity and skills development. B-BBEE is the way Thorburn chooses to manage our employees. We invest time, money and resources into training our staff continuously. We believe in acknowledging and rewarding service excellence – our clients and executive management get involved in the handing over of vouchers, prizes and certificates to our quintessential employees and we publish these success stories to encourage other employees and to prove to our stakeholders that investing in people bears wonderful returns.

Quality Management:

Our quality management systems form the cornerstone of our approach to Service Excellence through the Maintenance of Standards, Employee Care and Customer Satisfaction. Preferential procurement fits into our quality management system and you can visit the page on our Business Approach to see how integral quality systems are to Thorburn for delivering our excellent services.

Sustainable Development:

We strive to improve our scorecard and we take cognisance of the fact that B-BBEE transformation is multi-faceted and includes local empowerment with community involvement linked to long term enterprise development. Our approach to the concept of Sustainable Development (which has become a burning business issue), sees Thorburn putting certain Sustainable Development concepts in practice despite the challenge of implementing these in a service environment. Thorburn has a well-earned reputation to maintain in the industry and in the communities where we operate, as a leading business that truly cares about our staff and the local communities alike. The creation of special life cover for security personnel in the mining industry, community projects, community fundraising initiatives are what puts Thorburn in a league above most of our competitors.