Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry leading Security Services Provider that offers integrated, intelligence-driven safety and security solutions through an advanced risk mitigation approach.


Our wide range of products and services transform traditional security services into intelligence-driven operations that add value for our customers.


Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry-leading Security Services Provider which offers intelligence-driven security solutions through an integrated risk reducing approach.


Supporting the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund


Thorburn Holdings is a long standing supporter of the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund. This fund is a non-profit organisation that assists victims of catastrophic or serious head/neck & spine rugby injuries. There was an article written about this year’s event at De Zalze on Thursday 27 March: read it here. We are so proud to be associated with the fund because it comes straight from the heart of our CEO, FC Smit. Where there is a passion and a purpose, there will always be good results especially when our passion and purpose leads to helping, assisting and even changing other people’s lives.

Thorburn is the main sponsor of the fund’s golf day at De Zalze and the event always draws many Rugby Legends as well as prominent business people who come to enjoy a Stellenbosch day out on the golf course, as well as support the fund financially and everyone’s generous contributions are hugely appreciated! Visit the fund’s website to see who and how they assist injured rugby players:

We have uploaded many of the photos of the day to our facebook page:

Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. It was a great success and we look forward to more opportunities to be a positive influence in the circles we find ourselves in.

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