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Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry-leading Security Services Provider which offers intelligence-driven security solutions through an integrated risk reducing approach.


New wave of community dissatisfaction – violence, anarchy or sabotage in the Steelpoort Area?

On Sunday 6 December 2015 the burning of vehicles in the Steelpoort Area of Sekhukhune in Limpopo Province started up without any warning.  Media reports later in the day indicated that the community is unhappy with the speed with which their designated leaders negotiate with the mines.  A meeting was called this morning with the local mayor.


The traditional community violence where roads are blocked, backed by community gatherings and vehicles burned did not take place, however a  report later confirmed that 11 trucks, 4 buses 3 private cars AND A MINIBUS were burned.  A fact is that several vehicles were indeed burned.


It seems as if the community has organised a “hit squad” (dissident group) operating out of a Quantum personal carrier, supported by another vehicle.  They drive to an area, demand the driver leave the vehicle and proceed to set it alight.  Two trucks directly opposite the Tubatse Chrome Plant were set alight.  An individual in his private car was stopped at a junction and forced to leave his car which was then set alight.  Tow truck companies are hesitant to respond, fearing that they could be the next target – the result is that a car collided with a burnt out truck on the R555 last night and the driver of the vehicle was killed.


It cannot be determined if any mining equipment was set fire to, only the property of suppliers to the mines and private individuals have been affected.


Can this new modus operandi be declared as community violence, or is it sabotage of mining operations?  Is it perhaps pure anarchy  –  what do you call this?  Can this be tolerated?

Evidence of the latest bout of community violence (6 Dec 2015)
Evidence of the latest bout of community violence (6 Dec 2015)


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