Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry leading Security Services Provider that offers integrated, intelligence-driven safety and security solutions through an advanced risk mitigation approach.


Our wide range of products and services transform traditional security services into intelligence-driven operations that add value for our customers.


Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry-leading Security Services Provider which offers intelligence-driven security solutions through an integrated risk reducing approach.


New Product / Service Offering

The new highly mobile Thorburn Mobile Command Unit introduced at Thorburn Security Solutions (Northern Region) is an expansion and evolution of the older model designed two years ago.

The new rapid-to-deploy unit provides mobility, enhanced CCTV features, dial-in facilities, server backups, high level surveillance and review screens, enhanced safety features through panic systems and a combination of power supplies with battery supply of at least six hours!  A unique feature deployed with the Mobile Command Unit is a drone helicopter fitted with a long range camera.  A permanent fixture is a laptop computer for emails, report writing and dissemination of reports/visuals and review of drone helicopter visuals.  In addition to the dome camera on a telescopic mast, there are both internal and external cameras fitted to the unit.

Another unique feature is a stand alone number plate recognition camera, backed by software which can integrate with SAP software.  This new comman unit adds to the existing Thorburn Special Operations capabilities and will be utilized in special observation operations, stop and search operations, special events, labour or community related activity, and monitoring and back up to our existing operations.

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