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Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry-leading Security Services Provider which offers intelligence-driven security solutions through an integrated risk reducing approach.


Copper cable theft in Mining operations rife

Copper cable has become more lucrative for both career robbers and the opportunistic thieves working on mining or mining construction sites.  The traditional theft on mines where small quantities are stolen continues almost daily, but the new trend of large armed robberies from external groups is alarming.  The theft of copper cable from cable yards can now truly be described as organised crime executed with almost militaristic style and precision by heavily armed groups.


A new trend is developing which focuses on mining cable yards, where armed robbers in groups of more than 4 (and reported to be as large as 8 men) tie up security personnel and use the security vehicle to transport the cable off the site.  These operations are traditionally timed to start early – probably to give the perpetrators enough time to transport the cable from the crime scenes, to remote areas.  Cables are being cut with grinders or saws before being loaded up.


The interesting part of the modus operandi is that the robbers take over the “security control” whilst executing the robbery.  When on site for a lengthy period they actually carry out the security “functions” on the posts, including the hourly reporting, using Officers held at gun point to do the check-in or sit-rep reports.


In one incident the robbers wore the same gloves, beanies and firearms as the security personnel, as if they have been issued with them.   A witness to one of the incidents raised the question if perhaps they are not a group of former Security Officers?   They do not hesitate to shoot and in at least one incident a Security Manager was shot.


The necessity for panic alarms on each security post and carried on the body of each Security Officer is now greater than ever.  Special SAP or Hawks intervention is required to curb this organised crime.

The Opportunistic daily thieves being caught through searching
The Opportunistic daily thieves being caught through searching

A recovery of cable stolen in a “military style” robbery
A recovery of cable stolen in a “military style” robbery

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