Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry leading Security Services Provider that offers integrated, intelligence-driven safety and security solutions through an advanced risk mitigation approach.


Our wide range of products and services transform traditional security services into intelligence-driven operations that add value for our customers.


Thorburn Security Solutions is an industry-leading Security Services Provider which offers intelligence-driven security solutions through an integrated risk reducing approach.


Continuous technological improvements within Thorburn

New trends in the global security environment emphasize the need for an integrated security management system combining physical security with sophisticated software driven monitoring technologies and so able to address all aspects of an organisation’s risk. Traditional guard clock patrol systems; thick records and heaps of paperwork; supervisors signing occurrence books after hours with little purpose; and long range radio repeater systems etc. are all some of the security tools used for many years in the past.

The move to cost effective, streamlined electronic systems is the order of the day – many of the guarding activities can now be remotely monitored from the office desk or the home of the manager. This is indeed one of the directions in which Thorburn Security Solutions is headed with gradual progress being made.

In a latest development Thorburn Security Solutions (Northern Region) partnered with a company, DueQ, who provides fraud detection and early warning software which is ideally suited for procurement and financial departments.  DueQ, who can be contacted for presentations,  offers sophisticated, integrated software management tools that provide an organisation with the means to:The decision eight years ago that every manager in the Northern business unit of Thorburn Security Solutions must be equipped with a laptop computer and 3G card was not out of line – maybe in 2005 a bit “over the top” but today not. The effective utilisation of the electronic devices in the Thorburn Northern Region is enhanced by independent monitoring from Thorburn Remote Monitoring in Cape Town and an independent cornerstone to the traditional guarding operations.

– Assess risk and proactively flag potential incidents of fraud in real-time
– Design and develop a broad ranging programme that encompasses controls to prevent detect and respond to company-specific problems (e.g. procurement irregularities)
– Deploy a strategy and process for implementing such controls

In 2005 Thorburn Security Solutions became the first client of Bloodhound Technologies – a then electronic guard tracking system via a RFID tags which managers could manage live or from which reports could be drawn or daily reports received after 06:00 daily – today more than 40 of these updated Bloodhound Rover units are deployed in most Thorburn operations. A bit more expensive than the traditional “silver track stick and button” daily physical download systems, but indeed something that is by far more advanced and user friendly. With daily reports or direct dial in to the server, the effectiveness of the patrolling operations can be measured daily and summarised m monthly The Northern Region achieved 90,5% patrol completion, compared to the 82% national performance of all Bloodhound users. Missed patrols or panic alarms from Bloodhound systems are monitored and followed up from the Thorburn Remote Monitoring Centre.

Remote and high risk areas remain a problem for clients – on the one hand it is sometimes too risky or too remote to deploy manned guarding and on the other hand probably too costly. Thorburn earlier this year introduced a system, Videofied, which is a wireless battery operated motion detection system alerting movement by data signal which is followed by an email with the snippet of the movement from the Thorburn Remote Monitoring Centre. Although costly to purchase with a build in data card (approx. 2 GiG per month) and requiring live monitoring and follow up calls in emergencies when suspect movement is detected, can the capital cost be recovered over a two months period when compared to guarding costs. Thorburn is currently utilising the system effectively at a remote cable rack at a mine in the Steelpoort area. Four PIR’s with build in infrared cameras monitor the areas but the system allows for up to 20 units to link to a control panel in a 200 meter radius.



Reactive vehicle tracking and endless problems with traditional tracking resulted in the expansion of our systems which started with a test phase in 2010 of live camera and tracking systems from Geovision.  In 2010 it was monitored from a standalone laptop as an “as and when feeling to monitor” with little success. Now the system, which gives camera footage of the cab of the vehicle, the front and rear views are monitored by Thorburn Remote Monitoring Solutions. It is a unique safety feature which immediately identifies driver behaviour – talking on cell phones whilst driving, speeding and being in no go areas. The value of live monitoring was seen when a vehicle accident, due to speeding,, occurred prior to being monitored live – am expensive lesson learnt. Monitoring of this system commenced on 1 June 2013 from Thorburn Remote Monitoring Centre.


Snapshots from the Geovision vehicle tracking and camera monitoring system






A handy electronic devise, a mobile alarm system for deployment in remote areas or empty houses or high risk areas where no entry is allowed, was designed and build by Thorburn Security Solutions. It is linked to the Remote Monitoring Centre and is sms programmable to send signals to various recipients.

Watch the Thorburn communication for the launch of the Mobile Surveillance Unit – designed and build by Hayman Systems. The Mobile Surveillance Unit with chemical toilet and air-conditioning is designed to provide remote CCTV surveillance under various conditions – in urban and build up areas it will draw normal power whilst it is equipped to run for 3 days on solar power with generator backing. More details on consoles, wireless applications, dome camera and telescopic poles will be released later.

Thorburn Security Solutions is indeed moving in a technology direction supporting, streamlining and making operations more cost effective.

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