We live up to the following Business Fundamentals:

1. Our employees are regarded as our competitive edge

Our product is our people. We set the standards extremely high and are market leaders in our field. We are able to achieve and surpass industry standards through active investment in our staff in the following manners:

* We train our staff to the requirements of specific contracts. We have seen the value that effective training can add to the product that we provide and have therefore introduced a detailed induction training programme for all staff who are employed with our company.
* We remunerate our staff on higher remuneration levels than prescribed by the Department of Labour.
* We provide our security officers with a uniform that is of a higher quality than the industry norm. The differentiating factor is that the security officer on the ground is more presentable and often performs better. We have various types of uniforms that include corporate and combat styles. We are proud of our uniform but flexible to the specific requirements of our clients.
* Thorburn designed, and implement,s management training for managers, supervisors and identified future leaders in order to develop their managerial skills. This opens growth possibilities within our company for our people.

2. Direct shareholder involvement

All the shareholders are actively involved in the day-to-day management of the company – nurturing relationships and imparting decades of experience. 

3. Tailor-made risk reduction solutions

We give each of our clients a superior product and service through a custom designed solution that is holistic, fully integrated and that adds value to each unique operation or project. We partner with our clients in such a way to effectively become an extension of their business support services as we ceaselessly safeguard their sustainability – day and night. By designing, implementing and executing our clients’ day-to-day and project based facilities management operations, we create conducive environments for our clients to focus on their core business.

4. Quality management systems guide our operational procedures

Thorburn practically applies the quality management system that was designed based on the principles of the ISO 9001:2008 SABS system standards. This quality management system defines a clear set of objectives for the operating environment as well as guidelines of how the standard application of procedures must be dealt with throughout the company. This quality assurance system has become so entrenched in our business that it has become the way we do things. Values such as honesty and integrity further guide our policies and procedures. The SABS audits all our subsidiary companies annually to check if our policies, systems and procedures are in place, active and effective in delivering our premium services – zero non-conformances is what we aim for!

5. Exceed industry standards of accreditation and compliance

We do not compromise on any regulatory standards set out by law. Furthermore we are proud Gold Members of SASA (Security Association of South Africa) thereby proving our adherence to PSIRA, SARS, WCA etc. Our trainers and training centres are also PSIRA and SASSETA accredited. All Thorburn’s subsidiary companies implement BBBEE measures and continually improve their scorecards – Thorburn Holdings holds a Level 1 contribution.