Thorburn Operates in Multiple Sectors

Our tailor-made range of intelligent products and services has been well received by clients from many different sectors within South Africa.
Thorburn Security Solutions invites you to align your brand with our quality and customer centric service, thereby reaping positive customer experiences that reflect directly on your brand and business, whichever industry you operate in.

Thorburn Security Solutions specializes in Estate Security. Most of our estate clients are classified as some of the top five star establishments in the country. Due to the type of resident that owns property at luxury security estates as well as the caliber of tourist and visitor who frequents these country clubs, the hospitality function our security officers contribute is premium. Our ability to assess risk, evaluate safeguards and design and provide a holistic and integrated solution of products and services, puts us at the fore of this industry sector.
We have chiseled the art of providing the appropriate caliber security officer to sites where customer interaction and public relations form part and parcel of the service experience. Thereby we can provide a safe and secure but also friendly and hospitable living and recreational environment.


The experience our management team has gained in the hospitality industry through starting security contracts with premium hotels and resorts, spans over 10 years and translates into a practical understanding of what is required to secure this industry. It demands a high degree of vigilance, yet it is essential that surveillance is carried out subtly with the lowest possible profile so that guests are unaware of security presence, but staff are mindful of the constant scrutiny – providing management with the assurance of safe guests and monitored employees. A clear distinction between front-of-house and back-of-house functions is critical. This sector combines the security expertise of retail, industrial and corporate environments. We understand the need and we have designed our training courses to prepare and enable our security officers to perform at the high standard that is expected at luxury hotels and entertainment centers. 


Our hospitality experience translates well into retail environments as security services have the potential to either add or detract from a customer’s experience. Your shop owners will come to appreciate helpful and friendly service from our security officers who, at the end of the day, facilitate the successful, safe and pleasant exchange of goods and money in shopping environments. Skills-intensive training coupled with the use of advanced technology, ensures that the customer’s experience is seamless, safe and enjoyable at all times. 


A unique set of rules apply in securing a corporate environment within public or private buildings. Some of our biggest corporate clients require top class service when it comes to implementing safety and security procedures for their thousands of employees working in those buildings. A combined focus on statutory adherence, public relations, advanced communications and constant vigilance allows these systems to work optimally. Moreover, our officers and receptionists become part of the family; they add personal touches and extra measures of trust as they understand, manage and perform some of the general yet pivotal functions of the daily operations of these corporations.


By examining and evaluating every operational process within our client’s business process, we concentrate on elements of control at every level, resulting in a multi-dimensional security solution. The integration of manned guarding with electronic security measures; physical security arrangements; and policies and procedures are essential for success. Health, safety, fire and environmental issues form critical elements in the holistic security solution that Thorburn provides. Ultimately it is a loss reduction and productivity increasing system with measurable results that we implement and manage for our clients. 


With a focus on internal operational processes such as product movement, storage and distribution, Thorburn implements a security solution specifically designed to meet the needs of our warehousing clients. The emphasis is on a combination of general access and perimeter control security, whilst internal systems are based on the sound principles of Supply Chain Security. Where possible, electronic security systems, consisting of CCTV and asset tagging that supplements manned functions, are used. 


Through understanding of the mining process, Thorburn is able to integrate effective guarding by highly-trained, specialist officers, with advanced technology. We are familiar with the different mining processes used in coal, gold, platinum and diamond mining, among others. We base our operational designs on a set of fundamental principles that are prevalent in all mining operations: information agents; local, regional and national investigators; industry forum representation; utilization of patrol and corridor dogs; horse patrols in remote areas where trespassing can occur; intelligence databases and product escorting.


One of our directors is at present contracted to SA Rugby to ensure that all international teams, including the Springboks, are secured in South Africa. This entails the arrival at airports, travel in South Africa, liaison with Traffic officials, SAPS, ACSA and local municipalities as well as securing the stadiums. Thorburn is at present contracted to the Newlands Rugby Stadium and also provides security for events ranging from sports to concerts, religious events, political gatherings etc. Thorburn Security Solutions has a Events Department that is uniquely positioned to provide security at any event required and has previously provided manpower totaling 1300 bodies on a single day in Cape Town. 


Thorburn Security Solutions can literally implement the entire model for securing and monitoring any City Improvement District: from the camera’s and other specialized surveillance technology; to the patrolling and response units of officers and vehicles; to the linking and monitoring at our national control centre.  Any CID aims to improve the value of its properties, increase investor confidence and enhance the physical environment of the area. Thorburn is geared towards all these functions and have proven successful and responsive in this sector. We are always devoted to ensuring a safer environment for the public of South Africa and are proud to do our part, together with other role players, to change the statistics.